Sunday, August 14, 2016

Uncle Ryan Visited!

So, this is one of those few weeks we have this summer with no camp, no scheduled events, and warm days ahead of us!   We have been loving the Olympics!
 My favorite is gymnastics and swimming so far, but there have been some impressive bike and track races that had us on the edge of our seats!  Ever since seeing the women's gymnastics amazing team I have been practicing my cartwheels, and after about 50+ attempts every evening, I now have a really great cartwheel!  Simone Biles taught me the importance of sticking my landing and I insist on a perfect finish. I also must do them in front of olympic events to ensure that everyone watches.
 We love being back home with fluffy, and he has been getting lots of exercise and treats while we are at home.

 Although a lot of Owen's friends have full day camps still (so he gets to watch movies that I"m not ready for, so he is cool), but I have had a few great play-dates this week.  I went over to Gretta's for a day and Esme has got to play a few times... on Friday we even got to go to the pool at last!  It was so lovely, I think Mom is sold on a few more visits in what remains of the summer.
 But he best thing of all, Uncle Ry came out for a visit!  We tried our best to keep him busy this weekend, and fully caffeinated.  We picked him up on Friday and grabbed dinner at Dicks kitchen which served up some great burgers and set the culinary tone for the weekend.  Saturday, Owen got up early and made crepes for everyone (actually I should mention that this week alone, he has made zucchini brownies, chocolate chip cookies, woke up ahead of MOm and Dad and made crepes and pancakes.. all pretty much completely on his own, we are stuffed, and loving it!).  After breakfast we headed over to Water Avenue coffee followed by browsing at Clive Coffee next door.  Of course, though we try we can't drink coffee all day long, so we headed over to the zoo because Mom hadn't seen the elephant lands yet (Owen and I got to go with a YMCA camp earlier),  It was hot but still fun to see the elephants and a few other animals, I was most excited about the polar bears, Owen the anconda.
 We were all hot by the end of our visit so we headed out to try new snowcones at herbs (which made Owen and me very happy with the syrupy cold sweetness!).

 Finalized with a waterballoon fight (AWESOME!)

 and dinner that Mom made with some great albacore and salad fxings.  We were inspired by some videos Uncle Ry showed us and made fluffy some wee tacos that he has thoroughly enjoyed.
 Oh and a game of chess and some Olympics to close down the day... pshew!!!
 Today, after breakfast we headed out to Good Coffee for a nice stat to the morning, then headed out to the gorge for some beautiful views and a hike.
 We stopped first at the Vista house and enjoyed the beautful view on a really perfect day outside.
 Then headed over o Multnomah falls.  Mom and I made it up to the bridge, then went back down for a soft-serve while Owen and Uncle Ryan made it all the way to the very top.
 It's a great hike and they worked hard to come back to us before we started worrying (much).

 After playing in the river to cool off everyone's feet a bit,

and trying to catch fish in our hats....

 AAAAnd Uncle Ryan impressively doing a pull-up on the rail road bridge... with me hanging off of him!!!
 We followed up our gorge explorations with a visit to Prince Coffee for Stroopwaffles and (bien sur) coffee!  Plus a two-fer visit, Mom didn't realize that Prince was right by Paul Bunyan!  By the time we were headed home we decided that since lunch was basically ice-cream and stroopwaffles and coffee that everyone needed some real food, so managed to get in to Pok Pok pretty quickly and enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner of some really fantastic food (those wings... yum!). We finished up Uncle Ryan's visit with a quick waterballoon fight (two each) and a big wet hug before sending him back to Abby and Gail.  Thank you so much Uncle Ryan for such an amazing visit and fun weekend!  We loved hanging out with you and hope you come back soon!!!
 So, Alas, Dad missed much of this visit as he was fishing for salmon all weekend.  He came home with two fish (a chinook and a coho), so he was pretty happy,  He was particularly impressed with my cartwheel.  Though it is hard to capture the speed!

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