Monday, September 05, 2016

Aaand it's back to school!

Hello 5th grade!  The big kids on campus this year and it's going to be great.

So it's back to school at last... or just at the right time really.  I'm pretty sure the weather heard it was back to school time and cranked up the fall temperatures.  

 Grace is entering 1st grade and was so happy to see all of her class friends again!  We have missed a lot of them this summer, and although she finds school days Loooong, she is quite happy to be spending time with her pals.

 Because I was a returning safety patrol guy, I got to start off the first few weeks of the school year, and have been really eager to get up early and make sure we are ready go!
 Like I said, the fall has arrived, which means a bit of rain, cooler temperatures and some pretty sunsets!
We got to entertain Leon for a few hours 


While we also celebrated Val's birthday!  She is entering a new decade with style and grace and lots of fun.  We had a blast playing soccer and having a dance party in the basement.
 and in addition to some great dinner... every kid's favorite, singing, candles and cake!
 Happy birthday dear friend!

In other news, we have been able to come home early since Mom isn't fully back to work just yet, which means lots more riding around
 and "doing science" after school.  Grace started wushu this week as well and had some pretty impressive push-ups and splits in her repertoire,
I won a basket from our visit to the farmer's market last week... we had to guess the number of beans in a jar, and Dad showed me how to do the math to make a better estimate... well Math totally works!!!  I also learned to check out the prize first... though was pretty excited to just win, but in addition to the nice basket (that's useful on my desk), I got an assortment of essential oils, vit. C, echinacea and mullein garlic oil.. ad a recipe book for gluten- sugar- dairy- free cookbook.  

 We finished off our week with a Popsicle party at school... complete with photobooth.

 After such a nice visit to the market last week we again visited the downtown farmer's market and had a beautiful day stocking up on some veg, though it seems the season for our favorite mushrooms have passed.

We did come home with a box of tomatoes.  Grace and Mom peeled almost all of them while Dad and I were out hunting pokemon.  

 Grace actually peeled most of them herself
 So, sorry for the late posting, we just flat out forgot with the long weekend.  To celebrate labor day we ad friends over for a cookout.
 We played some soccer, some hamster herding, some spike-ball and just general mayhem.

 Dad even got some of his hops harvested!  Happy labor day to all, and welcome back to school!

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