Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lighting up the weekend!

 So, it's been fun introducing Grace to practicing wushu (she has watched a lot of classes!).  I'm working on 9-sectional whip (and really like it... it's challenging though!), and G is learning long-fist.  She has some of the moves down easily (splits, push-ups) but others are tough (v-ups, some of the sequences for the kicks).
 This weekend has definitely had the breath of fall with some rainy days mixed in with the sunshine and a few leaves just starting to turn.
I spent an uncommon amount of time in arcades this weekend.  Dad took me and Aidan to laser tag for Aidan's birthday present.  WE had a blast (ha!) and managed to get in the top-3 for every game that we played!  We also got a bit of time in the arcade afterwards.
as well as a stop at burger king on the way home.

Sat afternoon we got to have a fun play-date with Liam; we played checkers, made pizzas and had a fun game of twister!
 Our pizzas were wonderful!
 Today we got to celebrate this wonderful woman's birthday!  Linda had a birthday bash at John's Incredible Pizza, which is sort of a souped-up chuckie cheese (with much more awesome rides!)
 Grace got mom thoroughly motion sick on the tilt-a-whirl ride and eveyrone loved the bumper cars!

 and we all had fun on the arcade games.
Happy Birthday Linda!

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