Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mini Maker Fair and Woodstock Gives Back

My giant pad of paper came this week.  It's so much fun to draw things big like our teacher does at school.

 On Saturday, we headed to the Portland Mini Maker Fair at OMSI which is a local science museum.

It's always a good time.   There are booths everywhere with fun activities for us kids to do.   I made bubbles and a little wooden frog with LED lights for eyes.

Owen made a giant cowboy hat out of cardboard paper.  He got a lot of compliments for it as he walked around the fair.

Owen's favorite activity is making paper rockets you get to fire into the air using compressed air.

If you look close at the second picture you can see the rocket flying up.

We also had fun watching and then riding the giant vehicles.  They're all people powered so you have to pedal like a bike to keep it moving.

They even had a few art cars like this big car that was covered in yarn.

Owen and Dad spent some time at the Tracker's booth trying to make fire with things like a wooden drill and an old fashion flint and steel.

This morning, bright and early, Mom and Owen did a 5k run in our local neighbor hood (Woodstock).  It was part of a large neighbor hood event today called "Woodstock Gives Back".  Various stores along Woodstock Blvd have activities (crafts, raffles, runs, etc..) and they do it to raise money for a variety of charities.

Owen says he did really well in the run until the last big hill.   

The local furniture shop, The Joinery, had a build a bird house project.  It was pretty popular, but Owen and I both managed to get their in time to build bird houses before they ran out of kits.

One of our favorite activites was at the very far end of all the activities.   The local french restaurant, Bergerac, was raising money for The Portland Kitchen which serves disadvantaged youth by teaching them to cook.  

Well, this activity was that the french chef thought us how to make quiche and a salad that we got to eat.  Here we are rolling out the pastry crust.

We learned to make a proper vinegrette.

Our salad was a nice combination of tomatoes and watermelon.

The local natural medicine store had a hula hoop contest, and I won.   Owen and Mom also did a great job, but I think I could have kept going for days.  Turns out that this is the same shop that Owen won the guess how many beans contest a couple weeks ago.

Dad and I got hungry so we went to Otto's for a hot dog while Mom and Owen visited a few more stores and did a few more activities.

We finished the night by bringing back family game night.  We haven't done this since before the beginning of summer.  We played Settlers of Catan and Owen and I tied because we had to quit in time to go to bed.

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