Sunday, October 16, 2016

Free Geek

This weekend my dad and I started our volunteering job at Free Geek.  We worked for about three hours recycling various donations to the non-profit that recycles and rebuilds computers.   We were given a tub of CDs, manuals, and various cables in bags.  On our desk we had smaller bins which we had to separate the plastic, paper, and everything else.  It wasn't so bad, but every time we'd get to the bottom of our bin, they would just bring us another one.  Maybe in a few weeks we can take a class to learn how to put things back together and make a computer out of the parts.  If we volunteer long enough, they'll actually give us one of the rebuilt computers to take home.

While Dad and I were recycling, Grace had a nice Saturday morning tea with Mom and a morning filled with arts and crafts waiting for the promised big storm.

It's been really rainy here in Portland this past week.  We didn't let that stop us from getting out.  Sometimes while you're out in the rain you get treated to a nice rainbow.  This one was a rare full double rainbow.

On Sunday we met up with Joaquin and Esme's family for a great evening that included a movie (the new Ghostbusters), followed by dinner at a Thai restaurant and then ice cream at Cloud City. A lovely way to wrap up a grey weekend!

When we got home, Grace's latest loose tooth came out.  We have pictures, but it's a bit bloody, so we will spare you!, 

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