Sunday, October 02, 2016

Greek Fest and Skating Party

It's officially fall, well it sort of was last week, but it seems like overnight the trees all are turning colors and the rainy season has really started.  It doesn't keep us inside though!
We've had a pretty nice weekend, started out with breakfast and stocking up at Bob's Red Mill, complete with pancakes (for me) and a Bob sighting!  
Dad and I went to Free Geek later that afternoon, I'm super excited about volunteering with them and working my way to my own computer.  Dad and I signed up for the "taking computers apart" table and will start in earnest in a few weeks.
Although the rain started, we headed out to the Greek Fest with Val and Esme!  
As always, some super yummy food (especially honey covered fried dough that we all eagerly anticipate.  We also caught some great dancers and Mom and Grace checked out the cool costumes.
Esme and Grace took over the dance floor after the Greek dancers left.  They danced through their sugar rush. 
This afternoon, we got to celebrate Alex's birthday with a skating party.  The Mt Scott Roller rink is the BEST for big birthday parties!

Plus, I'm just getting better and better
Grace also is a great skater these days as well and mostly extremely resilient to tumbles.

Plus she had an awesome outfit for the affair.
Happy Birthday Alex!  

After skating the afternoon away Dad, Grace and I all worked together to recreate a delicious chanterelle, prosciutto, and home-made pasta dish that was so yummy!  Topped it off with some Greek pastries and it was a pretty awesome dinner (and last slivers of birthday cake for Grace)!
Happy Fall!

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