Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pumpkin carving time!!

It's that time of year again, it's pumpkin carvin' time!  If you cruise back through the blog, I think this makes it our seventh annual pumpkin carving bonanza with these fun families!

 We have had a mixed bag sort of week.  The roof of my classroom caved in with the recent big storm, so we are in a small classroom for now until they can get things safe again!!!  On the other hand, Owen was elected as co-president of his class!  He has picked his supreme court nominees, and made sure he dressed the part.

We got a few halloween and just because treats in the mail... In addition to my awesome mermaid tail blanket from Grandma Steves, she croheted one up for my doll as well!  We get to be twins now!
 We also worked in a few sweet treats, just to prime our systems for Halloween maybe, but the cloud city gravedigger sundae and the spooky unicones (with eyeballs and bleeding red sprinkles underneath) were our favorites!
Owen and Mom have been reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the evenings for months now, and finally finished!  O is excited because Mom promised that he could watch the movies once he read the books, so now he is ready to spend the next several days straight watching (I think we have convinced him to spread it out a little bit)
 Owen got a play-date this weekend but we couldn't get mine lined up, to get us out of the house, Mom took me up to Pip's doughnuts, it was a good trip, and Mom thought they were delish, but alas, I wasn't feeling like it when we got there.  They are super cute though.
Today, we got the old crew together for some pumpkin carving and dinner time! 
 It was a good evening catching up with dear friends.

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