Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sneak peek at costumes and the harvest fest!

 We are seriously enjoying this Halloween season.  I have a great pokemon Exeggutor costume.  I always plan my costumes around shaving my head, this was the baldest pokemon I know.
 Mom was excited she spotted an (barred) owl on her field trip this past week!  It has been rainy but lovely out, leaves are most of the way off of the trees, but still bright.  
The week ended with an awesome party at after-care.  We got face paint, fancy popcorn and loads of games.  
 Grace has a cute Amanita muscaria costume, the mushroom cap (umbrella) makes her ready after last year's trick-or-treating deluge, but not so ready for the Harvest fest at school, so Mom made her a mask for when she had to put the umbrella away.
 The harvest festival was fantastic, lots of treats, games and mostly lots of playing with our friends.

 Plus everyone had great costumes!  BB8, a little witch, hawk girl, kitty cats, Brock...
 Still wish I got a picture with Brock, would have made a good match with my Pokemon.
 Otherwise, the weekend was filled with some more time at Free Geek where we sorted lots of cables... a playdate with Aidan, and one with Katie for Grace.

 While I was at Aidan's Grace and Dad made a surprise dessert (yep, that's dessert) for me.
 Mmmm nothing says sisterly love like a plate of worms in dirt
 Although G and Mom report they were terribly messy to make I love them and Grace couldn't stop giggling.

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