Sunday, November 06, 2016


Leaves are nearly all off of the trees, and the blue sky has been coming through a good series of rainy days.  Mom had a few nice nights out with friends, including a visit to the Warhol exhibit with Leslie. 
This weekend turned out to be pretty mellow, since a lot of our play-dates cancelled due to the darned colds that are going around.  As a result, we had a fun Saturday hanging at home, going on a long walk up Mt. Tabor with Dad (hunting pokemon), playing in the rain, and I took a pretty impressive face-plant off of the swings, yet fortunately walked away unharmed.  Owen and I each tackled a dinner this weekend (though we all helped a bit).  Owen orchestrated the pasta with sausage and chanterelles, so yummy.  I made hamburgers with tater tots and cauliflower tonight... also a big hit.  
We are back in Chess season and it is my first year.  Luckily Owen has made sure that I am ready!  After a rough start, we had a really good game, and I played with no handicaps and made it for quite a while.  
In the spirit of games, we also busted out Monopoly.  I just felt like being banker, good thing too, 'cause I typically win, The opening gave Mom a chance to finally win!
Owen had a good plan, but it left him too cash-poor in the end. 
Today, Dad went Kayaking in the morning, which gave Owen a chance to start his movie marathon... he decided to start with the Hobbit trilogy before going on to the Lord of the Rings, he has read them all and loved the Hobbit.  The sun came out in the afternoon, so after Dad got home, we headed out to the Zoo in hopes of seeing the new polar bear and giraffe.  Nora the baby polar bear was not out for her first birthday,  We did find a globat (pokemon) in the bat cave which was exciting. 
and yes, the new young Giraffe was also out following the older one around, so at least got to hang out with one of the babies.  
We took a different route through the zoo and got to see a lot of critters that we haven't seen in a long time, like the flamingos.
 and the crocodile and cichlids

 and zazu

 and even though Owen and I were reluctant to leave the coziness of home, We ended up enjoying a nice afternoon and seeing a lot of animals.

The election this year has been quite a spectacle, and we are looking forward to its conclusion, but in the mean time Owen is following things quite closely, this week should be exciting! 

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