Sunday, November 13, 2016

I made chocolate

By: Owen Steves

Ingredients    Tools         instructions  
70 Grams                        a spice grinder               take the cocoa beans
Cooked                           2 paint scrapers              and put them in the  pl-
Cocoa beans                      a marble board             astic bag and crush  
30 grams                         a spatula                     them with the rolling pin
White                              a kitchen scale           until smallish. Then put
sugar                               a hair dryer               the crushed cocoa beans
5 grams                            a big bowl                in the big bowl. Take the
Cocoa                              then a mortar and       hair dryer and blow the
Butter                               pestle                     beans as you shake the  
                                       1 small bowl          bowl until only the nibs
                                       A mold                   left. Pour the nibs and the
                                       Paper and pencil       sugar in the spice grinder
                                      A plastic bag            and blend until liquidy
                                      And a  Rolling pin     then scrap out into mort-
                                                                   Ar and pestle and grind for
20 Minutes. Then put on the marble slab and use paint scraper and flip it for another 20 minutes p.s.if it gets cold use the hair dryer to heat back up! Then melt using hair dryer and pour into molds. Ait about 1 hour then remove wrap a piece paper around it  then unwrap and draw a cool logo on it and re wrap and tape!!!

I have started making chocolate I start from a bean my chocolate tastes Awesome!!!
                                          Grace likes to dance with her bff...
                             I also made some radical pop overs.
they came out easy.
                                                Grace likes the swings.
                                                my mom also has a nice friend

                                           then we went to the chocolate fest
                                                 nibs taste terrible with out sugar
                                                      too much chocolate.
                                                                        bean pods
                                                    learned how to make chocolate

way to much chocolate. 

                                                                   more chocolate

took a screen shot playing pok'emon

We also got to watch the election returns, and were grateful to be able to share the moment with friends. In truth we are still struggling in how to talk about this with the kids, because they don't understand someone who has sounded so mean as they have watched the debates could be elected, their primary value for someone who they would elect president was someone who was "nice and kind" and we are focusing on talking about how important it is to stand with those who may be bullied, how to live with respect to their values. Spending time with friends and getting out of town has let us reset a bit, a ridiculous amount of chocolate didn't hurt much either.

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