Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's Lefse time!

More Snow Days!!
So we started this week off with what has become a most anticipated evening... Lefse night!  
 We made a bunch of potatoes at home (note to selves... next time yukon golds with a paper towel on top overnight), ours were a bit moist so took a lot of flour this year, but we ended up with lots of our favorite holiday treats!  Owen ended up with my own station and made the most of anyone in the family!  Sally, as usual was our fearless lefse leader and did great setting everyone up with all of the cool gear.  We also got to make lefse with some other chefs... Dolores, Gene, Brenda and Ertha.

 I did a good job helping out too, and made sure everyone was eating plenty!

 The snow continued... this is my dapper looking "snow ninja" outfit.
 So our last few days of school were cancelled with the return of the snow!  It made for some fun neighborhood snow days.
 It was great because lots of the neighborhood kids all came out and we had a couple of fantastic days running up and down the hills, with some gentle snowball fights.

 Typically we lose track of all of the kids in the wet fall and winter but when the snow comes out it is so great to get our play-time back on!

 We kept really busy this weekend. We started Saturday by decorating the church tree in the morning

 a bit more sledding, Dad and Owen went back to Free Geek for another volunteer day.  This rounded up their 24 hrs of volunteering so Owen came home with a desktop computer!  He is pretty excited to have a computer of his own, though has been really nice about letting me on as well.

Grace sang Silent Night in a children's choir this morning at church.   They even brought out the old children's choir robes for the occasion.  Many of the older church members made comments about remembering having worn those robes when they were little.

 Things are finally melting a bit today, so after church we had a play-date with our friends and got a pretty nice snow-ball fight in.  I headed out in the afternoon for a fun birthday party for Lola (no pics) followed by an evening play-date.  I was so amped from playing all day long it took a long time to get to sleep!

Since school got out early, or winter break started earlier than we expected which meant that we are really into the Christmas spirit these days, lots of making and baking!

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