Sunday, December 11, 2016

Let's dance!

 Dancing is a powerful thing. Grace and I heard about the storm coming this week and spent Wednesday night doing some special snow dances that included throwing paper snowballs around the house, dancing to lively music and wearing our PJs inside-out (thanks google).  Turned out it worked!!  We managed to get two snow-days out of it!

Thursday, Mom still had to make her way in to give two finals, but those went smoothly.  Our first effort at a snowman was pretty sad, 
But it got better throughout the day!
 We got new sleds (that go straight instead of the disks that go all over), and spent much of Thursday going up and down our hill.  Once it started to get a bit icier, I made it all the way from the top of the hill right into our garage!

 Towards the end we made some great trains and the added weight got us going much faster in parts.  Grace was a little scared!
 We warmed up and relived the epic snow-day.
Friday was much icier, so they kept school closed.  The folks traded off a bit and tried to get some work done, but we did pretty well with some walks and art projects.  
Saturday was non-stop fun.  We started first thing in the morning with a practice chess-tournament.  It was Grace's first!  She tied most of her games, I lost a few and won a few and we both had a good time playing with lots of kids all morning.  

Grace went strait from the tourney to her dress rehearsal for the nutcracker in a few weeks. 
 While she was dancing (she is a flower petal), Dad and I went to the first of our holiday parties this weekend. I guess we didn't take any holiday party pictures from either the lab or with the church crew... but we enjoyed eating lots of great food, chatting and playing games all afternoon and evening. Mom even managed to cram a bit of Christmas shopping in the long day of fun.

Today was much more relaxed.  Mom had a ton of grading to get done, so we spent the morning at church, and the afternoon doing some housekeeping then Dad took us out to lunch and to see Moana, which was so great!!
It inspired Grace for a Moana dance event all evening where she recreated a lot of the Polynesian dances to the soundtrack at home.  

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