Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas to all....

It's a pretty late post, and likely a pretty long one, at least with plenty of pictures, if not text.  Our Christmas week was spent dancing as a flower petal in the nutcracker (for Grace!), traveling, eating and playing with family, with friends sharing long winter evenings and glittery Christmas filled days.

Lots of last minute elving around the house!

 Including the dress rehearsal, we had four Nutcracker performances last week!  Grace had a fantastic time and loves performing!

 Dinner (and Giant Jenga ... thanks Aunt Tammi and Uncle Eddie!) with friends

 After a slightly snowy drive down to California, we had our Christmas eve dinner at Auntie Donna and Uncle John's house.
 Christmas Morning!!

 Some exciting gifts this year included my most wished for Chocolate Melanger!!!! Mom and Dad are pretty sure that I am the only kid in the whole world who got a melanger for christmas!  I have been asking since the chocolate show last month and my first batch was wonderful!

 I got to work with Grandpa Tom to get the Norwegian pancakes out... we did a double batch!

 After breakfast we headed over to Great-Grandma Mary's house for a wonderful day with the family!  I think we actually had ALL of the family over at once which hasn't happened in a very long time and was so wonderful and such a special treat.

 post-prandial football game

 After a busy but awesome day with the whole family, a subset came by Grandma and Grandpa's house for brunch the next day.

 after eating a great brunch, we headed over to the go-cart track for some racing!  Us kids got two races in and the adults did one longer race!

 All of us non-drivers also did great!

 We had dinner at the Nishimini's and got to meet their new puppy KJ and play with mama as well!

 Before we left Fresno, we had to visit with our buds in town and had a nice brunch with Susan, Ezra
 Ava, Noah, Becky and KC!

After visiting and having so much fun with everyone, we headed home for an uneventful drive home.  There were lots of beautiful views with clear skies and snow topped mountains (and lunch at Caldera!).  Merry Christmas all, we feel so blessed this season and wish the same blessings of family and friends and clear skies upon all of you!

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