Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkin plus

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins!  This year we went out to Sauvie Island because it is relatively close to Owen's wushu...

 It was a beautiful day (the whole weekend really) and we got some really awesome Pumpkins!

I tested my limit as to what I could carry (family rules of the pumpkin patch), but made it to the cart with a nice big'un.  

 We even had a few friendly patch buddies in the vines.
 There was also a sweet petting zoo where we got to feed all sorts of cute critters... bunnies


 chickens, and sheep, they were all so friendly (or just really really liked broccoli!).  It was hard to eventually leave the cuties.  That evening we capped off a great day with Sushi dinner inspired by a wrong turn that lead us out to Uwajamaya.
We also were lucky enough to have a wonderful visitor in town for Saturday evening and Sunday!  Naomi came out and spent the day exploring Portland with Mom. We started with crepes Owen made for everyone all by himself, and then had a great afternoon together exploring North Portland, had a great lunch at proud Mary's, and hope to not let so long go by between visits again! 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

mmm cookies!

Dad had a bit more media about his paper this week and ended up on two local news channels and the radio, so he certainly had an exciting week!   It has been a sort of mellow weekend... Grace had a fun birthday party on Saturday, while I had wushu and sushi (Saturday wushu isn't too bad if we can follow it up by a visit to mio afterwards!!)

And after our day of fun we spent the evening at the Greek Festival!  It is hands down the most delicious of the festivals that we try to visit!
 that is particularly notable for these lovely honey coated fried pieces of dough (loukamades I love you!!).
 We really do enjoy watching all of the dancers as well.

 Mom thinks it is particularly wonderful how all of these teens and pre-teens look like they are just having so much fun and are so supportive of eachother, plus it's just plain fun to watch!
Today we got an activity of our own after Church Ms. Morreli and Ms. Durham organized a special 500 anniversary reformation activity for us kids.  We had a lovely afternoon with our favorite church friends.

After we got home I made a huge batch of cookies.  I don't know if I mentioned but I beat Grandma on our sugar challenge and managed to miss out on at least one batch of cookies in the past month.  Now that the challenge is over I really wanted to bake a batch of cookies and did these entirely solo, from selecting the recipe and all.  Can't wait to enjoy these!  

Sunday, October 01, 2017

SCIENCE! and 15 Years!

 We had a big week here, Mom started teaching again, our sunflowers maxed out (we're saving them for the chickens!),
and Dad's team got a big paper published in Science (top level publishing for us!) and also made the cover!  To sum up, a lot of critters were able to cross the ocean after the Tsunami in Japan in no small part because of all of the plastic debris (which doesn't degrade) allows for long-distance transport.

The same day that the magazine went public, was Mom and Dad's 15th Anniversary!  So to celebrate our big day we had our favorite pizza at double mountain and ice-cream at cloud city! 
 This weekend Owen really wanted to make some mushroom ravioli, so we spent Sat evening working on a great dinner.

 It was pretty amazing!  Nice job Owen!  Tonight, Owen finally finished watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (the Return of the King is seriously long) 

because I got to go to Kurios with Esme for my birthday!  We had a great time and I am sure will be practicing our acrobatic moves for a while!  Thank you guys!  It was awesome!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

8 is great!

The sun is back out after a sudden plunge into fall for us here. 
 Scooter has been recovering from an 11 tooth extraction the past week or so, and is looking better and better!  This week we celebrated Grace turning 8!!  She brought in extra cute cuties into her class.
 She woke up thrilled and ready for an awesome birthday!
 She started out opening a few fun presents, picked out a sparkly outfit for school and reports a super nice day together.
 Saturday she had her birthday party... Tie-dye, though with the squirty bottles, most of her friends gave up on the "tie" part of the activity

 We didn't just dye the pillow cases, socks and shirts that Mom got for us, but the kids were all thoroughly dyed themselves by the time they were done!
 We were lucky the sun came out so we could make this proper mess outside!  There were a lot of lovely friends and a yummy chocolate cake!

 Mom and Dad got her this dreamy hanging pod that she has had her eye on since she watched the Trolls movie, it is a pretty great way to chill in the yard (except when a bee finds its way inside!)
 So, if you didn't know, the past what... four weeks?? I have been in a competition with Grandma Terri to avoid any added sugar in our food.  I have been a super champ and have even gone as far as to ask the guys making some seasoned chips for me to not add the pinch of sugar... seriously, no Ketchup, limited choice breakfast cereals, I have been very good, though I was just starting to crack in the face of several days of birthday cake when Grandma called from her vacation in Japan and said that she gave up!! Too much good food while traveling.  So I happily (hard to tell from this picture) finally got to have my piece of cake.  I am being pretty good though and am going to try to sort of keep it up, but am not going to sweat the ketchup sugar any more.
Dad also replaced our (mostly hidden but definitely rotting) back fence today so that is pretty exciting, especially since he was counting on it taking several days, but the posts were totally solid, so he was able to do the whole thing on this beautiful day!
Happy Birthday Grace!  You have started second grade with my favorite teacher so well, we love you so much!

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Ballet started up again!!!  Two days a week this year so I will be dancing up a storm!

It has been a super nice weekend, in no small part because Mom's college roomie and her husband were in town, so Mom was especially excited!

They had a great visit, Mom went out with them for a nice lunch, and dinner with Linda.
School feels like it is getting into full swing now, homework is starting to come home, and as of today.. rain in back!  Boy do we need it, we have had a long beautiful summer, but it has been marred by nearby wildfires that could use the rain.  The week was going super nicely until Owen crashed his bike pretty hard on his way to school.  Luckily he has his phone now and texted "I crashed, get me".  Luckily Dad was nearby and he bikes in with a good friend with him, and it was not too bad in the end, he has scratched up elbows, a knee a little on his chin and a big bruise on his side, his head was well protected, but he was shaken.  He did make it back to Wushu on Saturday and is healing well.  Saturday night our friends all came over for a yummy dinner that Daddy cooked up.  He served his salmon and it was just super fun to hang out with everyone. After a giant piece of chocolate pie (thank you Linda) I was bouncing off the walls until Matt came up with a game using all of fluffy's toilet paper tubes, and it kept us quiet and relatively mellow for a good while as the evening grew late for us!  It was such a treat to share the week with these wonderful friends.
Sunday, Linda and Mom took me out to a craft fair so Owen and his friends could break-in their new 3D printer.  No pictures, yet, but it is really cool and they are working up their drafting skills.
 Thankfully Olive and Dingo were there, along with wonderwoman, so I was entertained!  With the rain system coming through it was pretty quiet and the poor tents kept getting blown over.  We headed inside to warm up and see a cool train exhibit before heading home and having a nice dinner at Val and Ray's house!  Thank you guys! The pizza was delish.

Happy Fall, it has arrived in Portland, all at once.