Sunday, December 10, 2017

Band and Ballet

And the nutcracker season begins!

It's been a busy week.   Owen had his fist band concert on Monday.  For having only picked up an instrument for the first time just a couple months ago, they sounded pretty good.

It was a holiday performance so Owen was allowed to wear a Santa hat.  Lot's of kids had Santa hats.

There was also a fire drill just before the last song, so that added a fair bit of excitement as all of the kids in their short-sleeves were huddled outside in the cold until we got the all-clear from the fire department.  

Here is Owen and some of his band buddies.  

One Wednesday, my class went to the art museum at Reed College for a field trip.  Mom actually came with us as a chaperone this time.

  We saw lots of art, especially lots of portraits.  Part of the field trip was an art lesson in drawing portraits so we had to sit across from a friend and draw them while they drew us.

Owen made the honor roll for his first quarter in middle school.  He got a certificate and everything.

Mom and I went to "Crafty Wonderland".  Mostly Mom was there for the shopping, but we did manage to do some crafts.  We use special paint pens to decorate coffee mugs.

Saturday afternoon was my first dress rehearsal for this year's Nutcracker.  My friend Greta is my dance partner this year.  We do most of the dance together.

But at the end of the song, I'm supposed to break off from the group and refuse to leave the stage.  I shake my head no and then finally do a cartwheel on my way back to the group when it looks like they are going to leave with out me.  My role is called "the naughty bon bon" and I'm still a little nervous about it.

 This was just the rehearsal at the ballet studio.  On Wednesday, I'll have a rehearsal at the performance stage at Portland State and then next weekend I have four shows that I'm performing in (two each day).

On Sunday night, Owen and Mom went to a special dinner for Master Gao at Wushu.  Dad and I didn't get to go, but Owen said it was nice.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

The Holiday Season has begun.

Well, the Christmas holiday season has officially started for us with the opening of the first door on our advent calendar.  Grace and I are looking forward to see what we get every day.

Grandma and Granpa Steves went back home on Monday night, but they managed to watch my wushu class and grab a hamburger and fries with us first before they left.

We also went to our first holiday party on Friday night.  This time it was Mom's work party with all the professors and grad students in her department.  The food was pretty good, but there were only a couple other kids.   Towards the end of the party, they had a white elephant gift exchange.  I ended up with a mug, a can of coffee, and a slinky.   I gave the coffee and mug to Mom and spent the rest of the evening with the slinky on the stairs with the other kids at the party.

Meanwhile, Grace found the puppies in the back room at the party and spent most of her time back there.   She tried to convince Dad to let her take one home, but he said "no".

We'll keep working on him :) (but he is tough, because how could you look at this sweetness and say no!?)  We also said "happy retirement" to Dr. Reuter I hope we can keep in touch with him and his menagerie. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh boy oh boy do we have a lot to be thankful for this week!  First off Uncle Ryan came up to join us for Thanksgiving so we are extremely thankful to get to spend a few days with our best pal.  

We did a little thanksgiving prep, but Dad really carried us through with his excellent rotisserie turkey and all the fixings. 

 We have really been enjoying our holiday and started Thanksgiving off with a visit to the coffee shop with Uncle Ryan (we really managed to hit a lot of them in his short visit :) .  After the adults were fully caffeinated we met up with our friend Inez and Bandit for a hike around Reed canyon.
 The rain stayed away, the colors were still pretty and it was great to get out and about

 When we got back, Dad had the turkey done ahead of time and we all had a great early feast together.  Everything was so yummy and we were grateful to share it with family and friends.

 Uncle Ry even spent time building the fort with us (Mom and Dad don't like hanging out in the pint sized fort with us)
 We had a blast with Uncle Ryan, but it was a pretty brief trip,  He headed home just as we picked up Grandma and Grandpa Steves!

Nothing kicks off a good visit like a trip to Bob's Red Mill!
 We took them up to Mt. Hood Christmas Tree Farm to help us pick out our Christmas Tree.
 We got a perfect tree and got it home to get decorated.

 You know Thanksgiving is officially over we can totally rock the Christmas decorations!
We had a fun evening of giant jenga.  It was truely an impressive game, I think we all had several other rounds well after we were sure it would topple.  

 Today we had a yummy dim sum for breakfast then headed out to the Oregon Historical Society museum.
 There was a lot of classic museum fare behind glass windows, but there were also some cool games and interactive exhibits that kept us going and learning a bit about Oregon!

School starts up again tomorrow and we have one more day with Grandma and Grandpa Steves.  I hope you all had as beautiful and fun weekend!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Heart happy

This weekend we had to share Mom with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Terri so we dropped her off at the airport and then we got to hit Ikea for dinner!  I was skeptical at first until I remembered that I could get gravlox. 
 Since we have so much time off, it was sort of a working weekend for us, catching up on our homework and our house and yard work. 
 Plus we had to check in with Grandpa after his surgery. 
 So no small part of Mom's visit was spent checking out places to eat around Monterey (the best was Pavels bakery! in Pacific Grove). 
 While we were raking leaves and taking care of our rooms Mom enjoyed the hospital's beautiful Koi!
It was all worth it though, Grandpa was released after 5 days and Mom was able to get them home and set up.  Grandpa is looking great and resting well!
 Mom got home in time to see us start a batch of hot-sauce.  Grace loves her new hedgehog nightie that Grandma made her!