Sunday, August 13, 2017


 The Ecological Society of America was in town, and pretty much defined Mom's week because in addition to seeing some great talks, she also got to visit with friends from near and far!  This weekend I got a great play date with my friends and also made a trip to goodwill to find things for me to disassemble.  This radio was no match for me!
We were most excited to reunite with James and Lilli and their folks!!  We got to spent a few great evenings together and fell to friendship easily!
 After a lovely dinner at our house, we spent an afternoon at their hotel pool

 which included some impressive games of chicken (alas Kimbros won 2 to 1 but we game them a good run)

 It was so lovely to spend time with them and I think the folks were pretty happy to catch up as well!

Sunday, August 06, 2017


I have had a great week.  It was a little hard getting back home and playing catch up on everything, particularly back to back Wushu classes for me and Grace.  Grace got to hang out with Dad at school or Mom at home this week, however I got to go to camp at the Oregon Humane Society, which was super fun!  We got to spent a lot of time with the animals and learned about all of the care of critters, plus loads of art projects.  
Even though it requires a crazy amount of driving around, I ranked it among my favorites!
We did manage a handful of playdates to reconnect with our school friends!

 As well as some art projects
 and science projects
 oh, and a farmer's market trip with lunch at Otto's.

This weekend Dad and I had some great adventures!  First we went to the Hot Sauce festival, and I almost met the guy who created the Carolina Reeper.  I also braved a lot of tasters, though the uncommon atmospheric heat eventually got us and sent us home!
 Today was a big day for me... Dad and I got up early to fish the Ocean (which I don't do unless it's really calm),

 and I managed to catch my first TWO salmon!

 I am really pleased and so proud to finally get some salmon to take home!

 We caught small chinook and good sized cohos.

making this the BEST FISHING TRIP EVER!!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

California fun!

We have had a few lovely weeks visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Fresno.  It was just us the first week and then Mom joined us for the second.  Week 1, I was in zoo camp and had a fantastic time, I made some fun friends on the very first day and learned all sorts of animal facts that I share occasionally (do you know about bird feet?  What about blue feathers?)  
 Owen spent the first week at camp Grandpa who took him and Uncle Ryan to Yosemite!
 Uncle Ry and Owen spent a day hiking lower Yosemite falls, both claim it was the toughest hike they have ever been on!  They also stayed at a cool hotel, got upgraded to their nicest room and were able to pan for gold, practice archery and eat barbecue.

 I took my last year of swim lessons.  Jan Thomas is closing its doors after over 60 years.  I feel so lucky that I was able to learn from them, they are the most positive and focused teachers ever!!

 I did awesome this year, all of my strokes have been really good, I am getting better at just turning my head for a breath for crawl.

and this year I learned how to tread water!  I am a champion!!!! Thank you to all of my wonderful teachers and especially Analise who I had for two years now.  

Evening games included a bit of spot-it and dominoes.  
Plus we got to spend several afternoons at the Vans  pool, they are so awesome to host us (a lot!!!)  We love swimming!  We also got a nice evening with Auntie Donna and Uncle John.

We had a great evening filled with food and fun! 
Grandma and I did Vacation Bible School which was so much fun during the second week.  I LOVED all of the songs plus I got to learn how to sew and we used neck ties to make this awesome apron!  It is not the first time I used a sewing machine but it is my first solo project and my biggest project ever, it turned out really well!  Owen did River camp this summer again and had a great time meeting back up with his friends Alex and Sam.  

 We have been watching Chef's life with Grandma and Grandpa and they tried the unlikely combo of pepsi and peanuts.  Now we don't get a lot of pepsi, but just had to try it!

Turns out Owen doesn't like plain pepsi... but pepsi and peanuts ... YUM!

Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for a great few weeks and for taking really good care of us!  I hope you have a good recovery and it's nice and relaxing, I know we increase the activity level just a little bit... Love you so much!
 Today Dad and Owen worked some on the garage, while Mom and I celebrated Alice turning 10!!
 It was an awesome tie-dye party and we wore our colors well!
Happy Birthday Alice!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Off to Fresno

Grace and I spent the beginning of this week enjoying our last few days at home with Mom and Dad before heading down to Clovis to visit Grandma and Grandpa for two weeks.  We walked down to Woodstock on Wednesday evening for ice cream at Cloud City.

Over the weekend, Grandma flew up to Portland.  She's flying us down for our visit.  

Meanwhile, Dad and I went to the kayak fishing tournament Dad was running in Depoe Bay, Oregon. I got to help Dad man the weigh in station where all the contestants weighed in their fish.

Here are the first and second place winners with their two biggest fish (lingcod).  Each fish weighed over 20 lbs.

Dad and I didn't get to fish in the tournament, but Dad did get to take me out fishing in the ocean for the first time.   I wasn't sure I liked the bumpy waves, but once I started catching fish, I really had a lot of fun.

We caught a bunch of different fish.

Here's my flounder.  

My biggest black rockfish.

My very slimy cabezon.

I'm also working on my various fish holding pose facial expressions.

On the way back to camp from fishing we stopped at a hamburger shop that makes burgers just like those at In-n-Out in California.  It was pretty good and the even wrote my name in the fry sauce.

After Dad and I got home from the fishing/camping trip on Sunday Grace and I flew off to Fresno with Grandma.  

Sunday was also Mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday

After we left, Dad and our friends Robyn and Val took Amy out to dinner at a new Thai restaurant.

Hopefully Grandma will help take some pictures this week, because Mom and Dad are still in Portland while Grace and I are in Fresno.  If not, the blog might be a bit shore next week.