Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year all, I know it looks like the year of the crab here, but it's the year of the rooster!

 Grace's class finally had their winter concert, after rescheduling from before winter break (Snow), after winter break (Ice) and well, as they said, third time's a charm!  They performed frosty the snowman and "We'll sing a song together"
 They did a great job and we are happy that they got to show off what they had been working on in music class.
 We have had a pleasantly social weekend.  Friday J and E came over for movie night and nachos while Mom and Val went out.  Saturday, Dad took me ou crabbing with his friend Jeff.  We caught one limit of crabs and brought them home for a great dinner.
 Since we came home with so many crabs we last minute called Robyn, Dan, ALice and Henry to share the Singapore Chili Crab that Dad fried up.  It was fantastic!
Thanks Dad for a great day out and a fantastic dinner!
 Grace got to play with her friend Lola while we were out fishing... they gave fluffy some exercise.

 and were suitably impressed when we got home with the crabs.
 To celebrate Chinese New Year, we had a nice dinner with our friends.  E and G completed several dance performances as entertainment for the evening.

Best wishes to all for the year of the rooster!  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It is an honor and a responsibility

 What a week eh?  Our highlight was to join what seemed like all of Portland, but what really turned out to be about 100,000 in Portland was women and men in cities and countries all over the world in the Women's March... the whole darned world!  

First, I am the big motivating factor in getting some exercise resolutions maintained in our house, I am an excellent, if not aggressive coach (and a machine when doing jumping jacks!).
 We also said farewell to our snow... can you tell how our physics defying snowman felt a about the warming weather?
 We did some clean-up of the Christmas decorations at church and also found some impressive icicles that we brought home, named (gerald) and used to decorate our diminishing snow fort.

 We also got together with our friends to celebrate Henry's birthday (Happy birthday bud!) and make some signs to prepare for the women's march, and a massive play-date too of course.
 There was one more day off school called for a pending ice-storm, but since it wasn't due until the afternoon, we all braved the outside world for a movie and met with our friends to see Hidden Figures, and although we were a bit disappointed in the lack of aliens it was an amazing movie.  It motivated me and Owen, and Owen spent the afternoon making sure my math skills were above the bar, I am pretty good at doing subtraction with really big (10 digit!) numbers now!  I keep looking for a chance to surprise my teacher! Math is awesome!

We had a beautiful, rainy Saturday following the inauguration, to stand in a sea of solidarity, in Portland for the Women's March.  We marched with our friends, with our community, and with over a million others in 600 cities around the world.  The peaceful, but present call for decency, equality, truth, science, and an overwhelming reminder of how the world can stand up together for humanity.

It was serious, and fun, and even though we couldn't hear the speakers, the people were all so wonderful to be around, there was a general pulse of determination and support.

 We did get to see a great drum line, and most impressively the constant flood of people walking in across the bridges and filling the waterfront, and the city.  We went early for the family activities, which were quickly overwhelmed by the arrival of everyone, so by the time the march was getting going, we were already several hours in, so we just made a short leg, but had our march back across the Hawthorne bridge, and since the busses were all so very packed
 We walked to the Lucky Lab for lunch, beating the inevitable crowds by a bit, then continued until we got to Vals house for a great afternoon of decompression and play-time.
 Thank you, world, for fueling a feeling of hope, and for focusing my attention, intention and actions. Be kind, be honest, stand by those who are scared, take care of our world, and remember that sometimes difficult things are the things that are particularly worth doing.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did I say just a dusting of snow?

Did we say a dusting of snow last week?  Well, now we have the most snow Portland has seen in 3 decades, and we are shut down!  Yep, we have basically started the week with a snow day, then went to school for a whole one day before calling the rest of the week off for snow.

 We only went a little crazy.  We (and the rest of the city) were largely homebound for several days.  While 11 inches of snow may not be a lot in some parts of the country, here it is unheard of and we are just not ready, in fact Seattle had to send down a lot of plows and people to help dig us out.

 I was up late reading and sort of brushed off claims that it was snowing, but Mom dragged me to a window before going to sleep on Tuesday night and after actually seeing it I couldn't stop giggling.
 It has basically meant days filled with sledding and playing with the neighbors!

 That's Dad in the yellow!
 Scooter had another stomach bug and is generally not amused by the deep snow
 and spends his time curled up by the heating vent

The Chickens also are not amused

 By Thursday we desperately needed to get out and so walked across town to visit Joaquin and Esme.  There is a great sledding hill at the school near their house.

 It was great to see friends and get out of the house, even if the round trip took us all afternoon, it was  so wonderful to go for a long walk through the snowed-in neighborhoods. We grabbed some Thai for lunch on the way, There is a cool sledding hill at the school near their house.  Val made us snowflake icecream which was yummy!
Grace had a great time hanging out with Margo and Esme, and I loved seeing Joaquin for the afternoon.

Saturday I had my friends Joaquin and Aidan come with me to help celebrate my birthday and Dad for an all afternoon outing to the laser tag gym where we played some great games of laser tag, followed by pizza dinner and a slumber party!  G went to E's house and J came over and we watched movies, played video games and stayed up a bit too late... a perfect afternoon and a perfect antidote to cabin fever that is setting in.  The streets are still not clear, but if you take your time and have chains, we have ventured out a bit for Wushu, and Free Geek (and my birthday party).