Sunday, January 08, 2017

11 and ice ice baby

Winter still has its grip up here!

 In spite of all of the ice time marches on and my big and wonderful brother Owen turned 11 this week!

We had a relatively tame family celebration this week and will go out with some friends next week!  Owen did ask for hamburgers, tots and molten chocolate cake, and we happily complied.  We meant to take advantage of the weekend as well, but a snow and ice storm blew in and pretty much shut the city down.  We barely left the house!

  Owen did manage use his new flint and steel kits (yes two... one more rustic and one more modern) to test his ability to survive the cold... and successfully lit a fire and managed to toast a bunch of mini-we marshmallows (it's what was on hand).

 He also tried to teach me as well, I didn't get quite as far, but am working hard at it!  Otherwise, didn't get to enjoy the snow quite as much since it was sort of sparse then covered with a good thick layer of ice.  Happy Birthday Owen!  We love you so much!

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James said...

Happy Birthday, Owen!!!