Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did I say just a dusting of snow?

Did we say a dusting of snow last week?  Well, now we have the most snow Portland has seen in 3 decades, and we are shut down!  Yep, we have basically started the week with a snow day, then went to school for a whole one day before calling the rest of the week off for snow.

 We only went a little crazy.  We (and the rest of the city) were largely homebound for several days.  While 11 inches of snow may not be a lot in some parts of the country, here it is unheard of and we are just not ready, in fact Seattle had to send down a lot of plows and people to help dig us out.

 I was up late reading and sort of brushed off claims that it was snowing, but Mom dragged me to a window before going to sleep on Tuesday night and after actually seeing it I couldn't stop giggling.
 It has basically meant days filled with sledding and playing with the neighbors!

 That's Dad in the yellow!
 Scooter had another stomach bug and is generally not amused by the deep snow
 and spends his time curled up by the heating vent

The Chickens also are not amused

 By Thursday we desperately needed to get out and so walked across town to visit Joaquin and Esme.  There is a great sledding hill at the school near their house.

 It was great to see friends and get out of the house, even if the round trip took us all afternoon, it was  so wonderful to go for a long walk through the snowed-in neighborhoods. We grabbed some Thai for lunch on the way, There is a cool sledding hill at the school near their house.  Val made us snowflake icecream which was yummy!
Grace had a great time hanging out with Margo and Esme, and I loved seeing Joaquin for the afternoon.

Saturday I had my friends Joaquin and Aidan come with me to help celebrate my birthday and Dad for an all afternoon outing to the laser tag gym where we played some great games of laser tag, followed by pizza dinner and a slumber party!  G went to E's house and J came over and we watched movies, played video games and stayed up a bit too late... a perfect afternoon and a perfect antidote to cabin fever that is setting in.  The streets are still not clear, but if you take your time and have chains, we have ventured out a bit for Wushu, and Free Geek (and my birthday party).

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Emily said...

I knew you were getting more snow than usual, but that is a good amount of snow!