Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year all, I know it looks like the year of the crab here, but it's the year of the rooster!

 Grace's class finally had their winter concert, after rescheduling from before winter break (Snow), after winter break (Ice) and well, as they said, third time's a charm!  They performed frosty the snowman and "We'll sing a song together"
 They did a great job and we are happy that they got to show off what they had been working on in music class.
 We have had a pleasantly social weekend.  Friday J and E came over for movie night and nachos while Mom and Val went out.  Saturday, Dad took me ou crabbing with his friend Jeff.  We caught one limit of crabs and brought them home for a great dinner.
 Since we came home with so many crabs we last minute called Robyn, Dan, ALice and Henry to share the Singapore Chili Crab that Dad fried up.  It was fantastic!
Thanks Dad for a great day out and a fantastic dinner!
 Grace got to play with her friend Lola while we were out fishing... they gave fluffy some exercise.

 and were suitably impressed when we got home with the crabs.
 To celebrate Chinese New Year, we had a nice dinner with our friends.  E and G completed several dance performances as entertainment for the evening.

Best wishes to all for the year of the rooster!  

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James said...

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Our celebrations are never as fun as the ones with y'all, and we sure do miss chili crab! :)