Sunday, January 22, 2017

It is an honor and a responsibility

 What a week eh?  Our highlight was to join what seemed like all of Portland, but what really turned out to be about 100,000 in Portland was women and men in cities and countries all over the world in the Women's March... the whole darned world!  

First, I am the big motivating factor in getting some exercise resolutions maintained in our house, I am an excellent, if not aggressive coach (and a machine when doing jumping jacks!).
 We also said farewell to our snow... can you tell how our physics defying snowman felt a about the warming weather?
 We did some clean-up of the Christmas decorations at church and also found some impressive icicles that we brought home, named (gerald) and used to decorate our diminishing snow fort.

 We also got together with our friends to celebrate Henry's birthday (Happy birthday bud!) and make some signs to prepare for the women's march, and a massive play-date too of course.
 There was one more day off school called for a pending ice-storm, but since it wasn't due until the afternoon, we all braved the outside world for a movie and met with our friends to see Hidden Figures, and although we were a bit disappointed in the lack of aliens it was an amazing movie.  It motivated me and Owen, and Owen spent the afternoon making sure my math skills were above the bar, I am pretty good at doing subtraction with really big (10 digit!) numbers now!  I keep looking for a chance to surprise my teacher! Math is awesome!

We had a beautiful, rainy Saturday following the inauguration, to stand in a sea of solidarity, in Portland for the Women's March.  We marched with our friends, with our community, and with over a million others in 600 cities around the world.  The peaceful, but present call for decency, equality, truth, science, and an overwhelming reminder of how the world can stand up together for humanity.

It was serious, and fun, and even though we couldn't hear the speakers, the people were all so wonderful to be around, there was a general pulse of determination and support.

 We did get to see a great drum line, and most impressively the constant flood of people walking in across the bridges and filling the waterfront, and the city.  We went early for the family activities, which were quickly overwhelmed by the arrival of everyone, so by the time the march was getting going, we were already several hours in, so we just made a short leg, but had our march back across the Hawthorne bridge, and since the busses were all so very packed
 We walked to the Lucky Lab for lunch, beating the inevitable crowds by a bit, then continued until we got to Vals house for a great afternoon of decompression and play-time.
 Thank you, world, for fueling a feeling of hope, and for focusing my attention, intention and actions. Be kind, be honest, stand by those who are scared, take care of our world, and remember that sometimes difficult things are the things that are particularly worth doing.

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