Sunday, February 12, 2017

feelin the love

On Friday morning our school had an assembly celebrating Chinese New Year's.    We all got to wear cool head bands and watched a variety of performances.

 We started the celebration with a dragon dance that marched through the audience.

The school's chinese yo-yo team did a demonstration and Dad almost got hit in the head when one got loose!  We have a yo-yo like this at home and I think I might try it again.

The Chinese dance club also performed a few traditional dances.

 Valentines day is this week and I was busy making sweet felt banners for my classmates.  Owen is giving away pieces of his home-made chocolate.

Dad worked at the sportsmen's show on Saturday, helping to promote kayak fishing.   Meanwhile, Owen had a "battle of the books" team meeting.  So, Mom and I had a chance to go to a coffee shop and grab some treats.

All in all a nice weekend, pretty mellow but we got a lot done!

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