Sunday, February 19, 2017

Visitors for the rainy weekend!

 We had a fun weekend because we got a nice visit from Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom.  They were able to go to my Wushu class after school, then out to a lovely dinner at Besaws.
 The food was great, but the company even better!
 They also brought Zoe, and since Grace and I took turns staying at the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa, Zoe stayed at our house and buddied up with Scooter.

 I had a big day on Saturday, I spent the whole day at a Chess tournament, sort of a mixed bag... 3 losses 2 wins but all really good games! It's not much for pictures, but afterwards I went to Amelia's birthday party at the skate rink.
 It was a super afternoon and I skated up a storm
 In addition to having fun with my friends, and being able to share in the celebration of Amelia's birthday,  I got to see Autumn who moved to a different school last year, and it was fun to see her again as well

After trying to visit at the Chess tournament, which is a mix of chaos with kids running around between tournaments, then waiting outside of closed rooms (mine had its window covered with a poster), Grandma and Grandpa just visited for a bit, then went to get some ramen for lunch with Grace and Mom.  
For dinner, they made tacos (with homemade tortillas!)

In all, it was a pretty short visit, but we managed some quality time all around.  They took off today in an effort to beat the next rainstorm, and I think they did it!  Thank you for the visit, the company, the sleepovers and all of the yummy food! It was good to see you.  Today we bode them farewell, made a family trip to Ikea (always risky) and tonight got to enjoy a concert to benefit a family at Woodstock.  The concert featured Chuck Cheesman, who was super great for all the kids (and got the adults involved too). 

Two other artists also helped out, Amanda Spring

and Sallie Ford, she was great!

It has been a great time folks, and I hope you are weathering all of this rain well enough.  There are reports of flooding around our California crew, and we hope you are all staying dry!

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