Sunday, February 05, 2017

It's a zoo!

 It was a lovely weekend here in Portland.  We didn't have a big agenda but kept pleasantly busy!

 We had a few game nights and Scooter who has always liked cuddling with Mom has taken to snuggling with me (he likes to try to put his rump exactly where mine is), Owen (he likes to try to read too!) and Dad (right underneath the blanket).
  Dad and Owen spent Saturday at Freegeek learning how to take apart and build computers.  Mom took me and Esme to the zoo to see Nora the new polar bear!  Although it was a little drizzly, it was really an awesome day for the zoo.  A lot of animals were out, including the condors who just laid their first egg for 2017, and were all out with their wings outspread!

 A quick visit in with the penguins, but they weren't very busy today so we sat with the display
 The star was definitely Nora who was out playing for quite a long time until the keepers distracted her with some fish in a treat ball (also fun, but I think wore her out!)
 She kept playing with a carbouy and jumping off of this log... look a flying polar bear!
 she had us captivated for a long time!
 We also got a few up-closes with the elephants
 The orangutans were also busy!  They have an indoor-outdoor habitat, and would start inside, take the sheet, cover themselves up and go outside and forage for carrots, then head back inside before the next orangutan would grab the sheet and do it again!  THey must really not like getting wet (and really like carrots)!
 We had a blast... the zoo is best on drizzly days, no crowds and active animals!

Owen made his next batch of chocolate this weekend!  He conched it for over a day, and the flavor is really good, though they will need to retemper it.  He wanted to hand-peel the beans which increases the yield a lot, but took forever!

Today, Mom and I stayed home, ran some errands (just in case all of this rain turns to snow again) and Dad and Owen went to a superbowl party.  While Owen was only mildly interested in the ball game, he said the snacks were fantastic!

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