Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tiny Egg

 So the chickens may be thinking about laying eggs again after their winter hiatus... we got the cutest tiny blue egg this week!  
 This is Scooter's new favorite way to cuddle with Owen... watch him read and as soon as his guard is down, go in for a face lick... or put his face right between Owen and the book.  I think Scooter may be turning into a cat.

This weekend was marked heavily by chess!  Dad and I played a few rounds at home, I"m getting pretty good at planning ahead and actually employing some good strategy.  Owen spent all day Saturday at a chess tournament... regionals with his school team!   

 The team came in first!  Go Woodstock!  Owen and several of his team mates won awards for going 4-1, unfortunately even though the k-4 graders got a trophy, none for the 5th graders, they may have run out.  However the real reward is to move forward in the tournament, so next month Owen will go to State, and will definitely compete as an individual at State, and maybe on his school team.
 His coach can only take 5 players and there are loads of excellent players at Woodstock!
 We are super proud of all of their hard work and some really great games!  Goooo lions!

 Woodstock Pride!
 To celebrate we went out to Mojo Crepes for a little bit of donkey kong and some impressive ice-cream and sweet fudge treats and a boba tea for Mom (she was really happy with the pineapple and lychee).

While Owen and Mom spent the day at the Chess Tourney and doing some shopping (for Mom), Dad and I had a pretty awesome day too... We went to the pool so I could practice swimming, had a super great day and followed it up with sushi boats!

 That evening Owen, Joaquin and I went to a kids night out with a lot of friends from my class, while Mom and Dad actually got to go out themselves for a nice date night.  This is the only picture they had though of the outing.
 Today was a good afternoon 'cause we got to hang out with our friends!  Val brought over a fish to practice her dissections for her class with Dad.
 We started with some Gyuotako... fish prints, though are a bit rusty (Mom and Dad swear they used to do this a lot!  I think we did end up figuring it out okay though.  Paint, blot then print!
 Afterwards Esme laid down for a bit of a nap and I got into the dissections with Val.
 Once we cleaned up the mess (and filleted the rest of the fish for dinner), We got to play Dixit which was a fun and creative game to play with our friends.
 Dad made veggie Pho and some mango sticky rice dessert that is so good!

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