Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wacky Unicorn

I made a great Chocolate bar this weekend!
 Wushu is going well for me and Grace, We are both finishing up our forms, I expect soon after break we will test.
 St. Patrick's day was t cie his week, and I had a nice green shirt,but Grace came out with all of her clothes that had shamrocks on them!  Sister was ready to go!
 Saturday Mom had a special surprise for me and took me to pick up some shorts that fit for our vacation (I really really dislike clothes shopping, almost as much as getting a shot), but followed it up with a special trip to Creo, a local chocolate maker.
 We started with some sipping chocolate (accompanied with whipped cream and seltzer), and followed up with a tour of the chocolate making facility!  I actually started my fourth batch of chocolate at home, but it was super cool to be able to see a large scale operation.  They have a most amazing tempering machine that I am envious of, and they even let us make our own chocolate bar.  
 I packed mine with almost all of the inclusions they had up for offer (poprocks, rice crisps, peppermint, sprinkles, nibs, raspberries, cinnamon, and I"m not even sure what else, but I called it the Wacky Unicorn.  Mom made a spicy surprise with a slow warming up after you take a bite (with chilies).

It was a really cool tour and a fun opportunity to see some lager machinery and make our own bar!  

 Today the sun came out!  We spent the afternoon at the pool with Joaquin and Esme, followed by a nice wee cupcake.  Since it remained so nice out Grace headed to the park and managed to round up a few friends last minute for a great afternoon running in the sunshine, and even a bit of biking.  
I spent the time at Aidan's house working on our book, playing and planning our field trip to the state capital this week!  Happy Spring friends!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


This weekend was defined by all sorts of squares... First off I got to bring home my penguins from our penguin unit at school, I have a cute little family.  Owen spent Friday and Saturday at the State Chess tournament. 
 Team woodstock did pretty well, Owen played two of the team games and won them both!  They were fourth by the end of the day, winning 3 of 5 rounds as a team.
 Saturday was the individual event and Owen won 2 of his 5 games, which was on par with most of his team that was there as well.  It was a long but awesome two days of chess and we are so proud of Owen competing strong for two solid days!  He came home and immediately asked to play chess (again!).
Since Dad took Owen on both days Mom and I got the run of things.  Ice cream after school :)
 And after running errands with Mom in the morning, Katie came over so we could make "rocks" out of candy all afternoon.  We made some chocolate chip igneous rocks,
 Starburst metamorphic rocks and some rice-crispy treat sedimentary rocks.
 Once we were properly sugared up, we went digging in the front yard for our on real rocks.

This afternoon we went to OMSI to check out the LEGO art 
 It was a really impressive exhibition

Recreation of classic art pieces 

 As well as a lot of cool modern pieces as well.

with of course a builders lego lab room that allowed us all to make our own creations.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

post by Owen!!

Owen is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Grace likes interesting hair for crazy hair day
 kinda odd you know?
*-- dad made poffertjes they tasted bad 
but with powdered sugar and a lot of syrup it was tasty!!!

 Owen bosssssssssssssssses chess!!!

 Grace is good at wushu...
 good again
 Owen is boss at wushu
 boss again
 and again!!!
 Grace plays tea party with her friend
 Owen likes soda and wacky art!!! 

oooooooooooooooooo turkey tails

Grace makes rice wrap rolls
they are swag...