Sunday, March 12, 2017


This weekend was defined by all sorts of squares... First off I got to bring home my penguins from our penguin unit at school, I have a cute little family.  Owen spent Friday and Saturday at the State Chess tournament. 
 Team woodstock did pretty well, Owen played two of the team games and won them both!  They were fourth by the end of the day, winning 3 of 5 rounds as a team.
 Saturday was the individual event and Owen won 2 of his 5 games, which was on par with most of his team that was there as well.  It was a long but awesome two days of chess and we are so proud of Owen competing strong for two solid days!  He came home and immediately asked to play chess (again!).
Since Dad took Owen on both days Mom and I got the run of things.  Ice cream after school :)
 And after running errands with Mom in the morning, Katie came over so we could make "rocks" out of candy all afternoon.  We made some chocolate chip igneous rocks,
 Starburst metamorphic rocks and some rice-crispy treat sedimentary rocks.
 Once we were properly sugared up, we went digging in the front yard for our on real rocks.

This afternoon we went to OMSI to check out the LEGO art 
 It was a really impressive exhibition

Recreation of classic art pieces 

 As well as a lot of cool modern pieces as well.

with of course a builders lego lab room that allowed us all to make our own creations.

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