Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wacky Unicorn

I made a great Chocolate bar this weekend!
 Wushu is going well for me and Grace, We are both finishing up our forms, I expect soon after break we will test.
 St. Patrick's day was t cie his week, and I had a nice green shirt,but Grace came out with all of her clothes that had shamrocks on them!  Sister was ready to go!
 Saturday Mom had a special surprise for me and took me to pick up some shorts that fit for our vacation (I really really dislike clothes shopping, almost as much as getting a shot), but followed it up with a special trip to Creo, a local chocolate maker.
 We started with some sipping chocolate (accompanied with whipped cream and seltzer), and followed up with a tour of the chocolate making facility!  I actually started my fourth batch of chocolate at home, but it was super cool to be able to see a large scale operation.  They have a most amazing tempering machine that I am envious of, and they even let us make our own chocolate bar.  
 I packed mine with almost all of the inclusions they had up for offer (poprocks, rice crisps, peppermint, sprinkles, nibs, raspberries, cinnamon, and I"m not even sure what else, but I called it the Wacky Unicorn.  Mom made a spicy surprise with a slow warming up after you take a bite (with chilies).

It was a really cool tour and a fun opportunity to see some lager machinery and make our own bar!  

 Today the sun came out!  We spent the afternoon at the pool with Joaquin and Esme, followed by a nice wee cupcake.  Since it remained so nice out Grace headed to the park and managed to round up a few friends last minute for a great afternoon running in the sunshine, and even a bit of biking.  
I spent the time at Aidan's house working on our book, playing and planning our field trip to the state capital this week!  Happy Spring friends!

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