Sunday, April 30, 2017

Artsy Smartsy!

 Our week has been chock full of art and partying!
 We kicked the weekend off with Art night at school, I got to hang out with my friends (and get our faces painted :)
 Then got to show off my art to my folks!


 And Owen even had some pretty cool art on display

 The big news was that Owen and I both won the dumpling festival poster design contest for our grade brackets!  We get some cool goody bags at the festival plus our posters were copied and up ALL OVER the school!

 Mine is the talking dumpling and Owen's is the dragon!

We harvested a few scraggley overwintered carrots as we were cleaning up the garden on our sunny weekend!

 Owen started his science project for the science fair at school... it involves testing different tempering methods and temperatures for chocolate.
 Today, we had birthday parties galore!  I got to celebrate Tommy's birthday and hang with my school chums at Chuckie Cheese!  My friend Lola and I dressed similarly and managed to earn the exact same amount of tickets!
Owen got to hang with his buds and celebrate Ellie's birthday at the roller rink... one of his favorite birthday activities!
Happy birthday friends and we wish you a great May!

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