Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

I got to start this week with my favorite day in Ballet... Costume day!! We get to try on our costumes for the ballet Beauty and the Beast... we are shiny forks!
We are pretty excited with the sparkles and super metallic leotard!
Owen and Scooter continue their evening dance where Owen tries to read and Scooter tries so very very hard to get his attention.
Oh, and on Friday we got some hail, but it sort of cleared things out for a beautiful weekend!

We were really excited to get ready for Easter this weekend, and spent Saturday morning cleaning up the yard and dying eggs!

One of my favorite parts is after we dye the eggs, the folks got a tray with baking soda together and let me at it with the dye (with vinegar) and some droppers to make fizzy pictures.  

We woke up this morning so excited to celebrate Easter!  We started with much excitement and a good egg hunt!

In addition to loads of candy, new runners for me and Owen, the Easter bunny hid loads of cascarones outside... out favorite!!  Much of the rest of the day was spent stalking Dad to see if we could get him with a confetti egg!

At Church, we got to do loads to welcome back release the Alleluias, including a parade and percussion support for the choir
 This afternoon was quieter as the clouds returned after a sunny Saturday.  To warm things up, we made a little campfire (Owen is getting good with a flint and steel), so we could roast our peeps.
 To get the smoke out of our clothes (and of the house) we went for a nice long scoot with Scooter and had a great afternoon at he park (and dodging Mom using her secret stash of cascarones!)

 Happy Easter to everyone!

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