Sunday, April 02, 2017

Maui 2017

Hello Spring Break 2017 and an amazing trip to Maui!  We did so much, but Owen's class started out the week with a trip to the Capitol, which included lots of excitement, a most enthusiastic review from him, and a selfie with Gov. Brown!  

And MOm took me for an icecream :)

And then..... we headed for Maui!  We met up with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom (right after his birthday!  Happy Birthday Grandpa!), and Uncle Ryan!

 Whale watching was pretty amazing!  First off, nobody got sick, which is new, and secondly, there were lots of awesome sightings, including a mama and baby breaching, and lots of flipper slaps and some chin slaps and loads of great tail shots!

 followed by a great breakfast and shave ice at ululani

 Mom and Dad had a day trip along the road to Hana and had lots of stops to appreciate the rainbow eucalyptus trees, black volcanic rocks and sands, and some coconut shrimp!

 We did get to meet up with a lot of friends on this trip!  One day we spent with Mom's old SIO lab buddy Liz, and then later in the week with our PDX buds to go snorkling with turtles and lots of cool fish (followed by lunch at Maui Brewery)

 Grace has a great Polynesian inspired dance that she employs to call in the waves!

 I found a downed myna bird egg and created a wee nest for it.

 Mai Tai time!

 While Mom and Dad went on the Road to Hana, we went on a cool shoreline hike visited a pineapple plantation where we got to learn a ton about pineapple growing and harvesting, and had a great day with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Ryan!

 Our pictures loaded all mixed up, but it was a bled of amazing time with family!  

 Owen's Island goals, go snorkling as much as possible and eat a coconut!!

We ended a magnificent spring break with a long layover in San Diego, where we got to visit with Drew, Theresa and Anna (and Meet Anna!) for breakfast, and Karen for lunch and Bocce ball!  Overall a most wonderful trip, we are so grateful for time in the sunshine with family and friends, it was just amazing.  

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