Sunday, April 09, 2017


We sort of channeled a combo of our new favorite show, and our visit with Hawaii this weekend with a pineapple cake bake off!  
But first, we also forgot to post from our underwater camera from Maui,
Where Grace had her first Snorkle try and saw all sorts of cool fish!

 I spent a lot of time snorkling with everyone who would go out with me!

But back to Portland.  This was the last week for the Rodin exhibit at the art museum, so Mom rallied our friends to join us.  Although Mom loves Rodin, us kids appreciated the more tactile parts of the exhibit (and the parts where the statues had clothes!!). 

Actually, we were all pretty great for the visit.  Joaquin and I spent most of the time exploring other exhibits trying to figure out how old each of the artists were.  Interestingly, although a lot of the paintings upstairs were 300 years old or more, the artists were often over 80 or 90yo!  

 Us with Balzac's head (this made us laugh just as much as you would expect from a pair of tween boys!)
I won a lot of cool fishing gear from a raffle at the last fishing tournament that Dad and I did, and it all came in this week!
Today, Grace and I took two of our three pineapples left from Maui and had our own Portland Baking Challenge... Pineapple upside-down cake!
 This is Grace's ... she had the "wow" factor down, though went a little heavy handed with the baking soda, her's was beautiful!

Mine won for flavor, though not quite a pretty, the lemon icing and pure yumminess of the cake was excellent!

 Trying to cool our cakes down so we could ice them (learned this technique in the show!)

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