Monday, May 29, 2017

Let's science!

 This week was Owen's science fair!  He had a great project where he tried several different methods to temper chocolate and then compared the results with his chococrusher 3000!  that quantified the amount of weight that was necessary to break a bar of chocolate.

 It was a big hit, especially since he let people taste test the tempered and untempered bars!  Also, he just did a great job.  School also hosted OMSI stations that we all got to puzzle through all evening long!
 Owen and I started our weapons, and although we don't have a cool gif of me doing the sword, we did get Owen doing a flower with his double 9-sectional whip!  It's a pretty scary weapon, but super cool looking! He has only banged his hand or head a few times so far.
 Our first harvest of wee radishes!  So cute :)
 Dad took Owen out for a bit of Bass fishing on Saturday, they had a great morning and caught quite a few fish.
 Sunday we celebrated Andy's birthday a the roller rink (our favorite  :)

 Owen took off relatively early to go to his friend's cookout, but I skated hard for a solid 3 hours!  

And a little bit of park play afterwards!
Happy Memorial Day!  We are ever grateful for our fallen heroes.

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