Sunday, May 21, 2017


It has been a big week for performances!  Grace's ballet school put on a production of Beauty and the Beast, which meant she had one on-stage dress rehearsal and two performances this week so has been dancing up a storm. 
Even though they all love dancing, I think they also love the time backstage (where Mom helped out a few of those days)... some playing with the only hair not slicked into a bun and a really big bag of carrots got them through the hours they would have to wait.

 The only really calm day this week yielded a full set of eggs and some pretty spring asparagus!
 I had a big performance myself, our classes' (5th graders) music performance.  I picked the (self proclaimed) hardest part of the instruments.  
 As a class we sang three songs and did really well,

one that Mr. Top wrote that was really sweet and encouraging, and then Brave and finally a Jackson 5 classic... I"ll be there... which we modernized with some beat-boxing.

I got to be the beat boxer, and other than weathering getting a beat-box shower from my fellow musicians, we did great!  If Mom can figure out how to upload the videos, I"ll share them!

 Like I said... a lot of performances for Grace.  She and her class were the forks in the dancing pantry scene and they did really great!  They were the only group in their age that didn't need their helper teacher on stage!

 Grandma and Grandpa arrived on Friday and they got to see my Wushu class, and then me receive both Grace and My award for our poster contest at the school dumpling festival.  We got some pretty awesome swag bags for winning!

They stayed through Saturday and caught Grace's final performance!  I had a chess tournament in the morning, so they hung out with Mom and Grace, grabbed lunch before the performance.
 Grace loves getting greeted with flowers on her performance days!

 We celebrated with a huge early dinner at the Duck House and while Dad and I worked on my Science Fair project with our full bellies Mom and Grace got an ice-cream with Grandma and Grandpa on their way out.

 A little post-postprandial bocce ball!
 Today, Grandma and Grandpa drove home, while we hopped on our bikes and headed around town for the first of the 2017 Parkways (where they shut down the street for all but bikers.

We had a great time toodling with our friends, and then all got a nice cookout for dinner at Val's house.  The water guns and sunshine were both out so we had a blast!  I had a bit of work left to do but I did stay up a little late to get my science fair poster together... about different methods for tempering chocolate!  So excited to share my new found chocolate skills!

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