Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunshine in springtime

 It has been an amazing weekend, pure sunshine and perfect weather.
As soon as it was above 70 (maybe 65)... out came the waterguns, swimsuits and waterballoons!
We did manage a bit of a break for Grace's dress rehearsal, she had a fun playdate with a ballet friend Gretta and then spent the afternoon dancing, 
before coming home and being a good sport with all of the waterballoon games  I devised.  Actually Dad and I spend the day working on my science fair project, which involves testing all of the tempering methods of chocolate, so the house smelled pretty great. 
Today we headed to Astoria!  We had lunch at Buoy Brewery which has a cool glass floor that you can see the sea lions through!  

 Then we headed to the beach.  We may have chosen poorly, as a lot of people were not just driving on the beach, but using it to do doughnuts and racing with their buddies, so we spent most of our time up in the dunes.... which was actually just fine with us.

 Grace and I pulled together a pretty awesome shelter with the driftwood.

 After releasing all of the mysids we caught I fond a lone piece of rotty bull-kelp that I actually thought I could bring home.  Mom stood firm (on the kelp) as we reached the car, and I left it behind.

Happy weekend!  I hope that you enjoyed a bit of sun, and if you were lucky sand as well!

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