Sunday, June 18, 2017


What a great end of the school year! And Happy Father's Day Daddy!  You are amazing
The last day of school, Dad was able to come and have lunch with Grace
 Watch one of my last four-square games at Woodstock... I ruled grade-school four-square!

 The school had a cool ceremony where we got to shake Mr. Steinke and Principal Johnson's hand, and we got a certificate and a carnation that we could give someone who meant a lot to us at Woodstock... I ran over and gave it to Mrs. Delwisch, my most wonderful second grade teacher!
 Then we got to walk around the school and all of the classes came out in the halls and clapped us out of school!  It was really neat and great way to move on to middle-school, with the support of our whole school behind us!

Friday, we had our first day of summer, which was exciting for us because we got to go into work with Mom and Dad for a few hours.  Then Mom took us to work at the food pantry in the afternoon before I had to head out to Wushu.  

This weekend has kept us busy, first Grace had a sleepover at her friend Roxy's house, and they had a total blast!  Of course, we had to deal with the fall-out of a sleepless (but super fun) night with a tired Grace Saturday Morning.  Once she finally chilled out, Dad headed out to fish for some Shad, and we headed over to Benjamin's birthday...

Happy birthday Bud!

Today is Father's Day!!! We have the best Dad in the world!  He spent his special day taking both Grace and I fishing at the North Fork Reservoir.  Grace caught the first and the biggest trout!
 I got to paddle my own boat... and caught the record smallest trout!

We had a great time!  We had a few art projects for Father's day that we gave Daddy and a new fishing buddies for life!

 I took charge of dinner and after Dad talked me out of trying to cook the trout over a "flint and steel" fire in my metal bowl... I filleted the fish, and panfried them and then harvested salad from our garden, made a great vinaigrette and had a wonderful dinner for everyone!  Mom had the opportunity to meet up with some long lost family, theVandervaals.. and got to meet Art, Paul, Brian, Brian and so many others who were in town for Dina's PSU graduation.
It was a treat to meet family from Brookings... Art is Grandma Jean's nephew.  

Happy Father's day to Grandpa Tom, Grandpa Steves, Dad, and all of the other amazing Dads in our lives.  We send you all loads of love!

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