Sunday, June 04, 2017


It's the end of the school year, which means there are all sorts of activities. I have started a series of school trips to Star Labs, 

where we get to do all sorts of cool experiments and are having a great time!  
 We kicked off the week with a Memorial day BBQ with friends.  Dad smoked up some awesome ribs and pulled pork and we had a perfect afternoon.
 Plus Grandma Terri's Peony bloomed, in keeping with tradition, a week after she visits us!
 There may have been a bit of ice-cream this week.
While Grace had a playdate with a new friend!
 and Dad took me out Kayaking for a big bass tournament.  We didn't win this year but did have a really nice day on the water.  Dad's favorite was when I was looking for lunch spots, and told the phone "Hey Siri remind me that fishing with Dad is Awesome!"  We caught a good handful of bass though (released).
 Mom and Grace had Saturday to themselves, which meant a morning at a fabric/craft event, some time on the playground showing off Grace's impressive monkeybar skills, and an afternoon sewing together.  Grace is getting really good at the barbie clothes.

 Portland is still pretty shaken with the horrible stabbing of some heroes who stood up against an attack against two girls on the max.  We decided to join our friends and Portland Timbers Stand Together, Hands-on Greater Portland to work on a garden for a school and a food pantry!
 We had a great time pulling weeds, leveling some ground for new garden beds

 Hanging with a Timbers player Gbenga Arokoyo!! (he signed my cup and J's shirt!)
 Although I don't have a picture of the end result, there was a bunch of weeds and topography here (they called it the snake) and now there are four raised garden beds that will be used to provide fresh veg for the food pantry!

 We worked hard all afternoon and did a great job (you can kind of see the shade put in by our team in the back corner.

 Plus we got to hang out with a lot of really great people!
 Although the weather was just right for this type of work, we still wanted to snack on some dip cones after a dusty afternoon working hard!

We finished the day with a great play-date and pizza dinner at E and J's house.  It was great to get working for a great cause, and even better to be able to share it with our friends!

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