Sunday, June 25, 2017


This week, Owen and I went to Trackers camp!  I got to hang out with Esme and Margot in with the farm animals and we had a great time together and I met lots of new friends as well! We did all sorts of fun field trips, to farms and to the woods to see animals, build fires, bake biscuits and cobbler in the coals, card and spin wool.... all sorts of cool activities!   Owen did a woodworking camp and it was awesome.  They did mostly bush skills, building wooden knives, stick traps, bow drills, a spoon and a bamboo flute.  He did really well and the instructor was really impressed how focused he was and how well he caught on to things.  
I got to "do science" (or make slime... same thing right!?) after camp a few days, and on Friday we got to take Esme home to play farmer in the garden, and share Nacho night and movies with us!
We watched Beauty and the beast and then drew some great pictures afterwards
This weekend was relatively quiet, and HOT for us!  It was in the upper 90s which meant.... Lemonade stand!!!! I actually think it was a little too hot and cut down on foot traffic, we did pretty well on Sat, but Sunday was just too hot for anyone to be out, except Owen who hung in there for two hours before calling it a day.  I did manage a great play date with a friend who I was having problems with and worried about playing with but we ended up working it out really well and had a great afternoon on Saturday together.  Happy Summer folks!  It's official now and come and check out the lemonade... it's fresh squeezed!

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