Sunday, July 02, 2017

It's been a berry good week!

Our berry haul in the summer is getting really yummy!  We have gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries, and currents, oh and a few strawberries!  
 Camp for me this week was BIKE CAMP!  My favorite, we go all over town... and according to my friend's computer we did 80 miles this week, plus Dad and I biked to and from OMSI (plus dropping G. off at her camp) which brings me probably a bit over 100 miles!!! We had fun with different themes like ... bike through ALL the fountains! Let's go to the Columbia! or my favorite... FOOD CARTS!  I excel at stretching my lunch money insanely far.
 Mom finally pulled her garlic up, and Dad got t go fishing in the Ocean on Saturday.
 He brought home his limit in Lingcod, cabezon and rockfish, and a happy ocean fishing day under his belt.
 I got a sleep over at Zachs so the rest of the family headed out to the mercado for dinner.
 Today we hosted a massive indigo dying fest!
 Mom really wanted to dye a new set of napkins and this exceeded her expectations!
Of course there was also food, Alice worked hard making the tortillas and Dad made great fillings, of course including grilled fresh fish!  
 Although we spent a lot of time with the shibori, after dinner the waterguns came out
 and Alice and Henry brought over some awesome water-balloons that got the teams well stocked in a jiffy.
 It was a great afternoon filled with friends, crafts and yummy food!

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