Monday, July 17, 2017

Off to Fresno

Grace and I spent the beginning of this week enjoying our last few days at home with Mom and Dad before heading down to Clovis to visit Grandma and Grandpa for two weeks.  We walked down to Woodstock on Wednesday evening for ice cream at Cloud City.

Over the weekend, Grandma flew up to Portland.  She's flying us down for our visit.  

Meanwhile, Dad and I went to the kayak fishing tournament Dad was running in Depoe Bay, Oregon. I got to help Dad man the weigh in station where all the contestants weighed in their fish.

Here are the first and second place winners with their two biggest fish (lingcod).  Each fish weighed over 20 lbs.

Dad and I didn't get to fish in the tournament, but Dad did get to take me out fishing in the ocean for the first time.   I wasn't sure I liked the bumpy waves, but once I started catching fish, I really had a lot of fun.

We caught a bunch of different fish.

Here's my flounder.  

My biggest black rockfish.

My very slimy cabezon.

I'm also working on my various fish holding pose facial expressions.

On the way back to camp from fishing we stopped at a hamburger shop that makes burgers just like those at In-n-Out in California.  It was pretty good and the even wrote my name in the fry sauce.

After Dad and I got home from the fishing/camping trip on Sunday Grace and I flew off to Fresno with Grandma.  

Sunday was also Mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday

After we left, Dad and our friends Robyn and Val took Amy out to dinner at a new Thai restaurant.

Hopefully Grandma will help take some pictures this week, because Mom and Dad are still in Portland while Grace and I are in Fresno.  If not, the blog might be a bit shore next week.

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