Sunday, July 09, 2017


 We have managed to pack a lot in a work week!  Dad took us out for our first berry picking adventure of the season.  We have done pretty well in our yard, but when it comes to seriously putting away some of summer's bounty we have to explore a bit more far afield.
I helped get our blackberry jam started.. it is our favorite!  
For the fourth, we went to the local blues festival on the waterfront.  It was a prefect day for sitting in the grass and listening to music  and exploring the booths. 

 We lasted for the peak of the day before heading home.  Owen was set on carving his watermelon into the shape of an octopus.  Not a bad job!
 We had a perfect dinner of brats and elote (some yummy mexican-style corn with cheese and chili)

I had zoo camp with E. all week, we had a great time hanging out, and even worked in a few sweet play-dates this week
 J and O got one as well, they made a cool video involving army guys, blocks and a remote control car....
Had a fun afternoon at the noodle luge (and if you can try Umi noodles... Made in Portland...They are super yumy!
 Plus... a noodle luge!!! How could we pass it up?

 We got to show off our chop stick skills and then ate great noodles that the local miso maker dressed beautifully for us with all sorts of delish toppings.

 Saturday Dad went out on the ocean and brought home a beautiful king salmon!  It as so yummy!  We spent the morning back in the berry fields... blueberries are coming on and we managed to come home with about 13 lbs.
Owen had a sleep over last night with a friend and had a blast sleeping in the back-yard.  We had a good morning and headed out for a japanese tour of Beaverton with lunch at Oyatsumpan and shopping at Uwajamaya.  We headed home and tried (unsuccessfuly) to temper Owen's most recent chocolate batch.  Luckily the bark turned out okay but the bars and the bowls that Owen wanted to serve pudding in were super streaky.    Mom went out for Karaoke with her lab and friends, so that meant that I got 3 days in a row with movie nights!!  

Pshew, seems like for a mellow week we managed to fit alot in!  

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