Sunday, August 27, 2017

Total Eclipse, Cove Palisades 21 Aug 217

I know we have skipped a week, at the end of summer no less, but it was for good cause!  We got to see a total eclipse and it was even more stunning that we had imagined.  

 But first, we did a few other things to enjoy our summer vacation, including a trip to the zoo,
 a dance party with friends (Get your hair in the air!!!)
 and a visit to OMSI with Katie
 and at last we headed out to our camping trip at Cove Palisades.  We had a great site at the deschutes campground.  Lake Billy Chinook has a few great swim areas, and the algae was down enough to enjoy swimming every day!!

 Plus a great hike to the top of one of the mesas that had some beautiful views.

 In the background is an uninhabited island that is claimed to be the least touched place by humans in America.

 J, Dad and I got some sweet fishing in, and we all caught a handful of fish.

 Dad took the girls out after the eclipse and they couldn't catch a thing!  Maybe the eclipse spooked them.
There were great camp activities around the eclipse, including a great lecture from astrophysicists who were here on vacation as well!  

 I wish we could say we had a fantastic picture of totality, but in reality we were all just in awe for a whole two minutes.  It was claimed to be a crazy town, but our campsite was just great.  There were maybe 30 viewers on a nice grassy area, everyone pitched their seats, put on their glasses, and watched the moon slowly eat the sun.
 There were lots of fun things to witness the whole time, including all sorts of crescents on the ground as the sun projected through the trees and our pinhole cameras... and most fun of all our fingers.

We sat right near an amateur astronomy group of friends who kindly set up some awesome binoculars with a solar filter on them so we could watch the sun, it was cool to have such a close view, you could see sunspots!
 he posted some really beautiful pictures that really are the most exactly like what we saw at if you want to check it out.  Totality is beyond simple words, grace said it was like a flower in the sky where the sun was.  Dad claims it was the most impressive natural phenomena he has ever witnessed.  The corona streamed out from behind the moon, it was like brush strokes with some of the prominences really extending out much longer than others.  There were small red bits around the perimeter that were solar flares, you could see a few planets, venus and mercury I think.  The sky was a steely deep blue and just wow.  We had a quick view of baily's beads and a diamond ring effect as the moon passed,
It was a lovely camping trip with a wonderful treat of the eclipse that we got to share with our dear friends.  We feel so grateful and full of wonder for the experience.
 We did catch up on a bit of sleep and clean up from the trip with some nice fun summer days this weekend, including a great day at the beach.  We brought Scooter this time and he still loves to dig in the sand!
 I was trying to get my one-handed cartwheel down

 and my front kick is improving (I feel like I need to say that we did not photoshop me walking on the waves)
 we wrapped it up with oyster shooters and clam chowder at Mo's!
Yesterday, we had a fun afternoon climbing, our first time this summer, but we are getting stronger and doing better than ever!

 and spent the evening at the Jade Street market for dinner and the Hawthorne Street Fair today.
 which meant a nice taco lunch, shave ice,
 Circus tricks
 and puppet shows and olive and dingo (our local clowns!)

I think we are squeezing every ray of sunshine out of the last few days before school starts.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017


 The Ecological Society of America was in town, and pretty much defined Mom's week because in addition to seeing some great talks, she also got to visit with friends from near and far!  This weekend I got a great play date with my friends and also made a trip to goodwill to find things for me to disassemble.  This radio was no match for me!
We were most excited to reunite with James and Lilli and their folks!!  We got to spent a few great evenings together and fell to friendship easily!
 After a lovely dinner at our house, we spent an afternoon at their hotel pool

 which included some impressive games of chicken (alas Kimbros won 2 to 1 but we game them a good run)

 It was so lovely to spend time with them and I think the folks were pretty happy to catch up as well!

Sunday, August 06, 2017


I have had a great week.  It was a little hard getting back home and playing catch up on everything, particularly back to back Wushu classes for me and Grace.  Grace got to hang out with Dad at school or Mom at home this week, however I got to go to camp at the Oregon Humane Society, which was super fun!  We got to spent a lot of time with the animals and learned about all of the care of critters, plus loads of art projects.  
Even though it requires a crazy amount of driving around, I ranked it among my favorites!
We did manage a handful of playdates to reconnect with our school friends!

 As well as some art projects
 and science projects
 oh, and a farmer's market trip with lunch at Otto's.

This weekend Dad and I had some great adventures!  First we went to the Hot Sauce festival, and I almost met the guy who created the Carolina Reeper.  I also braved a lot of tasters, though the uncommon atmospheric heat eventually got us and sent us home!
 Today was a big day for me... Dad and I got up early to fish the Ocean (which I don't do unless it's really calm),

 and I managed to catch my first TWO salmon!

 I am really pleased and so proud to finally get some salmon to take home!

 We caught small chinook and good sized cohos.

making this the BEST FISHING TRIP EVER!!!!