Sunday, August 06, 2017


I have had a great week.  It was a little hard getting back home and playing catch up on everything, particularly back to back Wushu classes for me and Grace.  Grace got to hang out with Dad at school or Mom at home this week, however I got to go to camp at the Oregon Humane Society, which was super fun!  We got to spent a lot of time with the animals and learned about all of the care of critters, plus loads of art projects.  
Even though it requires a crazy amount of driving around, I ranked it among my favorites!
We did manage a handful of playdates to reconnect with our school friends!

 As well as some art projects
 and science projects
 oh, and a farmer's market trip with lunch at Otto's.

This weekend Dad and I had some great adventures!  First we went to the Hot Sauce festival, and I almost met the guy who created the Carolina Reeper.  I also braved a lot of tasters, though the uncommon atmospheric heat eventually got us and sent us home!
 Today was a big day for me... Dad and I got up early to fish the Ocean (which I don't do unless it's really calm),

 and I managed to catch my first TWO salmon!

 I am really pleased and so proud to finally get some salmon to take home!

 We caught small chinook and good sized cohos.

making this the BEST FISHING TRIP EVER!!!!

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